Next Irvine Underground Meeting
08.JUL.2022 at IHOP

2003 – June Minutes

Irvine Underground’s June meeting marked the one year anniversary of the meets, gathering a total of 29 peoples attendance compared to the first four people a year ago. We gathered at Zanzibar Coffee & Tea and the meeting started at 8PM, with many new faces and backgrounds of those people topics were well spoken on, each person inputting comments, ideas, and experiences with whatever topic were at hand. (more…)

2003 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground meeting for May 16th 2003 was another great turnout and lasted until the early morning. People started gathering around 7.30 in the evening, the majority of the meeting was held outdoors by the BBQ while food flowed all night long. (more…)

2003 – April Minutes

April’s Irvine Underground meeting went very smoothly as it was another success and a great turn out in attendance. The run down went as planned, we gathered at Zanzibar Coffee house around 7:30, and talked outside while the inside was being setup for our meeting. 8 o’clock came and everyone started moving inside getting comfortable and talking to each other and introducing the new people to everyone else. (more…)

2003 – March Minutes

Progressing into the year the March Irvine Underground meeting showed to be yet another success. Since the group was established we’ve been implementing all of our goals over time, the key addition shown at March’s meeting was the group project and presentation last month. (more…)

2003 – February Minutes

Irvine Underground’s February meeting was held at our new location Zanzibar, a small coffee shop that was closed to the public specifically for our meeting. We will continue to occupy this Irvine coffee shop for our meetings and are also working on an Internet solution for the location. (more…)

2003 – January Minutes

January 2003, this meeting started the year off in the right direction with many new faces and returning faces. This was the most energetic group of people all sharing ideas and discussion both the planned conversation and creation new topics. Next month’s meeting is at a NEW LOCATION. (more…)

2002 – December Minutes

December IrvineUnderground was another great success, we’ve received many e-mails from people asking if they can attend, and the answer is Yes so we hope to see everyone at the next meeting. Keep reading for the aftermath of IVU December 2002….

Discussion opened with everyone introducing themselves and getting reacquainted with one another. The talk went all night, starting off outside the food court because of the christmas crowd, the cold weather the inside where we normally meet was packed.

Information about the experiences of the November 16th Kevin Mitnick Book Signing took place and discussion about the missing chapter was covered. The mirror of chapter one can be found here.

Korben gave us the status with MacStumbler and the approximate ETA for release with GPS support – Mac users globablly will be thankful for the update each time they go wardriving. Wireless networks was another hot topic for December as more people were interested in wireless security and the new standards for wifi.

The coldness kicked in so we headed over to Maki-Maki to continue where everybody followed (Don’t let idea of Japanese food stop you from attending, they have tons of different foods that everyone can enjoy). During dinner we discussed where future meetings should be held in Irvine. Everyone was full of laughter, interesting stories of past, and recent experiences. We talked about what it’s like to live in LA and what you can do while living there. During dinner we had to overlook the fact there was a lady singer 30 feet away from us signing loudly where we had to yell to hear each other. Bartender gave them info making it Freaky’s Maki-Maki Birthday too! The food was excellent, the service was great and everyone left the meeting satisfied.

December Attendees: Freaky, Miss Turtle, Bartender, Blackwave, FReCKLeS, Korben, Lei, Daman, KeLvin, petr0l…

2002 – November Minutes

November’s Irvine Underground meeting was nice and small due to the hard downfall of the rain throughout the Orange County. No matter how large or small the meetings are it is always a blast to attend. We gathered in the food court of the Irvine Spectrum a little short of 8 o’clock by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. (more…)

2002 – October Minutes

ourteen people joined together at the October IrvineUnderground Meeting, it was the biggest gathering yet. The pictures to the right captured by Miss Turtle show some of the members of the group, many came from Los Angeles county, and one who did not quite make it was from Riverside area. (more…)

2002 – September Minutes

September meeting of IrvineUnderground was another great meeting. We met up @ the Irvine Spectrum Food Court, and talked about many hacking/security issues. We went over the Worldwide WarDrive Event that happened a few days before hand, Orange County Worldwide WarDrive event was also a success. Information and photos can be found here. Within the WWWD OC link is the dates for the next scheduled wardriving event which we will be sure to be attending as it is coordinated by Irvine Underground’s blackwave. (more…)

2002 – August Minutes

The IrvineUnderground meeting for August happened on the Friday of the 16th, normal meeting was postponed because it happened to fall on the largest hacker convention so everyone packed their bags for that weekend and headed out to Las Vegas for Defcon X. (more…)

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