Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.06.14 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2007 – June Minutes

This months IVU had a great crowd and great turnout. There were some new faces and some old friends who came out of the woodwork (OK jigsaw isn’t that old). The lock pick board was brought out and a handful of people brushed up on their picking skill sets throughout the evening.

The speech this night was given by Israel regarding how to properly use bump keys, without that is ruining anyones locks. The demonstration was so good even the pizza girl (A.K.A. S.T. Stone?) was able to get into the action and was able to bump 4 dead bolt locks in under a minute. Aside from that Harry showed off an alternative method to getting out of handcuffs using your car keys which surprised a few people.

With Defcon around the corner Bartender gave a sizable speech regarding his favorite hobbies, drinking beer and robots and when they came together under the event named “KegBot”.

Our raffle prizes this month where hands full of old hack-zines (which Chris? contributed back to the group as the first entry into the IVU library, thanks man!) and the grand prize being free pass to DefCon coming up in August!

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