Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.05.10 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2006 – September Minutes

Welcome to September 06. Thank you to the regulars who attended and the two new faces. Hope to see you two again.

This as our quickest and most punctual meeting ever. IVU has been well known in the past for having some insanely long meetings and some insanely unorganized meeting, but for this meeting things were different. We started promptly at 8:02 and ended by 8:50. The meeting had a slide presentation [_Found here_] and a slideshow of defcon photo’s taken by VariableX and H20. Most of which can find by going to www.defconpics.org and surfing around.

As for the basics if you don’t download the presentation, here is some links to the events we discussed:

http://www.defcon.org [# XIV ]

Things to expect as follow up from this meeting:
** Possible location hunting
** Possible completion of our IVU widget
……. Here is some accomplishment
……. Widget #1 with Meeting time and two nice buttons
……. Widget #2 with RSS and Meeting Time

** Add functionality to the website

** and as you can tell fast turn time on meeting minutes and updates on next meeting info

As for Future events or site listed above. keep your eyes and ears open for Toorcon on our forums or with our group. I know for a fact a handful of us are going. So lets all network. More information can be found on: http://www.toorcon.org and will be discussed on the [IVU Forums]

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