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2006 – August Minutes

Welcome to August. The events of Defcon were outstanding as always. For those of you who had the pleasure of visiting the event know exactly what happened. Those of you who didn’t, let’s put forth the glamor of the event.

There was no glamor, just drinking, coding, selling, buying, and geekishness in abundance. For the IVU organizers there was Robot competitions, Vendor Booths, Booth Babes, and Transportation needs all weekend long.

The positive highlights of the evening worth noting or searching for are the results of our 2nd Place robot team, Our amazingly large backdrop in the Vendor Area joined with two very gorgeous booth babes, and our sad to mention meeting/party.

IVU attempted to throw a party and have a meeting but due to new venues, an overwhelming amount of competition in the party arena, and some unfortunate luck with hotel muck ups, the group was not so successful. Yes you heard from the horses mouth. I (Bartender) was the first to aim for drunken stupor due to the sadness incurred by our event. I succeeded.
If you would like some useful links here are some that might prove worthy:

Defcon Official Page
Defcon Event Pics

As for Future events keep your eyes and ears open for Toorcon. more information can be found on: http://www.toorcon.org and will be discussed at meeting

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