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2006 – January Minutes

This months IVU was a small meeting of minds who came together during a warm California night, to discuss topics ranging from novice to expert. The meeting began shortly after 8pm as pizzas were ordered, and the presenter for the evening was DaMan who spoke about Asterisk@home. This months IVU ended early but even as the night wound down everyone continued their conversations throughout the parking lot in the mild weather.

This month we met a few new faces and a few not-so new people. The majority of IVU was still in San Fransico for the MacWorld expo. We were given a quick run-down of the new technologies by HTMLtron and Bartender who had returned a day early to attend IVU. Apple has released a new iMac and Laptop the .MacBook Pro. both using the new Intel processors.

The presentation on Asterisk@home helped inform novice VOIP users to the opportunities that Asterisk (the open source PBX) offers. DaMan covered topics from how easy installation goes to how-to setup asterisk in a business environment.

Just before IVU wrapped up an IVU member who wished to remain anonymous handed me a hacked disposable digital camera. I quickly took some snapshots for the IVU minutes page here.

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