Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.06.14 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2005 – March Minutes

The March meeting of IVU had 25 in attendance and the meeting went well as planned. The Mac Mini returned this month along with the bluetooth keyboard, a one handed device known as the Frogpad. People tried learning a new keyboard layout that was nothing similar to the standards.

Lei led this months discussion with white papers in hand while he discussed T-Mobiles security issues they’ve had over the past year also covering the most recent hacks and voice mail box vulnerabilities. T-Mobile users by know should start noticing that they are required to set new passwords as the telco has rolled out a ‘new’ voice mail system that addresses some of the issues in the past.

Part of the discussion talked about spoofing caller id information to access people’s voice mail box systems. With T-Mobile and a few other providers the voicemail (vm) service recognizes the phone via the caller ID and does not require a password. Simple VOIP services that allow the caller ID to be customized were allowing people into mailboxes. If your cellphone has caller ID blocked then you were/are required to enter your VM password whereas if it were not you were entered into the system without authentication.

LayerOne information as well as Defcon discussion also took place as everyone is starting to book rooms and make sharing arrangements, these topics can be discussed on the IVU forums.

The lockpick board was also present this meeting allowing everyone to get their lock pick skills in order for this years lock picking contest at defcon, more information on lockpicking can be found at lock picking 101.

The raffle this month offered a 32k KeyKatcher, Lock Pick Books, Lock Pick Set, Jolt Soda, Chocolate Penguin Mints and IVU T-Shirts.

Dinner was served Spaghetti with Meatballs along with Veggie subs, salad and garlic bread prepared by our hosts at Kate Kennedys.

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