Next Irvine Underground Meeting
13.APR.2018 at IHOP

2018 – February Minutes

Salutations IVU.

This months meet up was a good social gathering. There more new faces in the crowd and more first timers. The UCI numbers continue to increase. There was a small pre meet up at El Torito prior. There were no speakers for this months gathering, but there were plenty of discussions around the table. AST Cell talked a bit about DEFCON Beijing and his future attendance. Yaxis described is fear of going back to China.

As the conversation started to turn AST Cell began to scare the young ones opening the forum to discussions of goatse and Pool 2 girl. We shared photos and a little bit of history. We talked about the possibility of a Pool 2 Girl badge for DEFCON briefly. More historical photos can be found at Hackerphotos.com. Pictures have been collected and curated since Defcon 8.

Blackdrako shared some of his projects including the IVU Badge Pi and opened discussions about a hacker space for the group.

The next meet up is March 9th. Hope to see you there!


IVU Reborn!

We know you’ve been getting bored of the last rendition of the Irvine Underground site, so we’ve secretly been working the past few weeks behind the scenes… Hopefully you’ll like the new look as much as we do!

IVU at Defcon XVI

As usual we’ll be at defcon this year! Be sure to stop by the booth and do a dance for everyone!

IVU at Medieval Times

Another great get-together… IVU at Medieval Times Drinking and Yelling – Red Knight got pwned… but didn’t matter anyway since the story is different now. Read the rest of this entry »

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