Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

February 09, 2024

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

This month, we hosted caraboo and Stengo from UC Irvine for their talk, School of Hard Hacks.

With a new generation of students entering the job market, it’s a pretty big wonder what they’re learning and how ready they’ll be to jump into the “real world”. As students themselves, join Stengo and caraboo as they give a fresh perspective on their journey through discovering cybersecurity, trends they’re observing, and just where the hell they’re learning all this stuff.

This month marks the one-year mark since the reboot of IVU, and we hit a new record of 65 people at the meeting!
Big thanks to our organizers, longtime members, first-time attendees, and you for helping to make this happen.

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