Next Irvine Underground Meeting
08.DEC.2017 at IHOP

2006 – August Minutes

Welcome to August. The events of Defcon were outstanding as always. For those of you who had the pleasure of visiting the event know exactly what happened. Those of you who didn’t, let’s put forth the glamor of the event. (more…)

2006 – January Minutes

This months IVU was a small meeting of minds who came together during a warm California night, to discuss topics ranging from novice to expert. The meeting began shortly after 8pm as pizzas were ordered, and the presenter for the evening was DaMan who spoke about Asterisk@home. (more…)

2005 – November Minutes

The Irvine Underground meeting for November gathered on the 11th, 8PM at Extreme Pizza bringing a record number crowd for the month of November. Everyone started gathering at 7:30, ordered their food and drinks and took their seats. (more…)

2005 – October Minutes

Irvine Underground meeting was held October 7th 2005, 8PM at Extreme Pizza. Irvine Underground would like to thank the staff and owners of Extreme Pizza for allowing us to meet at their establishment and stay open extended hours for our use. (more…)

2005 – August Minutes

Irvine Underground was alive and present at DEFCON that happened at the end of July. The booth setup in the vendor area was a centralized meeting point and advertisement so those unfamiliar with the group could learn about it. (more…)

2005 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground May Minutes Irvine Underground’s May meeting gathered 27 people together to discuss the xbox system and the modifications available for the hardware. Two xbox units were present at the meeting, one already modified which was used to present some of the features and mods already accomplished. (more…)

2005 – March Minutes

The March meeting of IVU had 25 in attendance and the meeting went well as planned. The Mac Mini returned this month along with the bluetooth keyboard, a one handed device known as the Frogpad. People tried learning a new keyboard layout that was nothing similar to the standards. (more…)

2005 – February Minutes

February meeting was expected to be small due to the hard rainfall in Southern California. To everybody.s surprise it ended up being the largest meeting of the year yet and the food on the menu was lasagna created by our new meeting locations owners. (more…)

2005 – January Minutes

For the first meeting of 2005 we decided to began the year with a fresh start by meeting at an alternative location. The location we chose (Kate Kennedys) is a smaller business (supporting the little guys) that caters to our tastes and offers a location that offers indoors and outdoors access with ease. (more…)

2004 – December Minutes

December’s Irvine Underground gathering gave people a chance to get together and connect with people of like kinds during the hectic month. With over 30 people attending this made for the most active December meeting ever. Many new faces attended (more…)

2004 – October Minutes

This months Irvine Underground meeting was held on October 15th in our cozy upstairs secret location of iHop. Starting at 8pm we began with introductions due to the large amount of new faces and went into news for the group and the evenings plans. (more…)

2004 – June Minutes

LayerOne conference was held June 12th and 13th in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Airport Westin where Irvine Underground was present. IVU had a vendor table doubling as a centralized meeting location. The June meeting was merged with LayerOne, for two days for only 40 dollars you got to enjoy, and learn from a plethora of speakers discussing a wide range of topics from IT, security to crypto. (more…)

2004 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground May gathering happened May 14th, 8PM upstairs at IHOP. The evening started with introductions for the evening and what was on the agenda. With LayerOne on the rise happening June 12th-13th in Los Angeles everyone was getting hyped. (more…)

2004 – April Minutes

Irvine Underground’s April meeting went down without any issues, bringing over 40 people to the meeting. We situated ourselves and got started at 8pm with introductions and plans for the evening. (more…)

2004 – March Minutes

Irvine Underground.s meeting for March turned out another full crowd. Over the past few meetings we have been listening to your feedback on what you.re looking for in IVU and different ways to try the meeting. Last month it was requested that there be more personal talk time between the people, and table layout. (more…)

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