Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2019 March Minutes

Reminder for DEFCON with only a 153 days until the event. It is highly recommended for anybody that hasn’t gone yet. Experience the adventure, the knowledge, meet new people, and of course the parties. If you want to know more about DEFCON, ask anybody at IVU who has gone or find your favorite hacker scene friend and inquire. Also joining the IVU Slack instance may be an option – once in you can ask “Callie” about the events list, you don’t know who is callie join slack and find out. Callie will let you know and remind you of the upcoming events as: Maker Fair, Layer one and others.

During the 03/08/19 meet up we were planning additional presentations, getting fresh ideas put on our list and trying to find speakers outside IVU. Also we encouraged some members to participate giving a talk about their favorite topics or any kind of info to be share. Any suggestions are welcome at the meeting.

Some suggestions were given at the meeting as OWASP top 10 security risk, also a 101 series about different topics as infosec, programming, engineering, electronics, making, code practices, network, or any technology related. Since basics are always important this will open an array of talks. Keep checking back for updates on the progress.

Also one of our members brought his car computer board. We were able to take it apart since it got wet somehow and we got to see the board and discuss it. How could this be fixed in case of water damage? Luckily in this case in everything was fine.

We saw a frequency project brought by a student, it was a interesting experiment to learn from.

People were interested in soldering. We had some equipment for it, this could be a topic for another presentation.

Our main meeting presentation was about 3D printing and showing everyone that now is the time to start 3D printing projects. Why? Because the technology is becoming cheaper everyday. It looks scary but it’s still a computer board that can be programmed, configured, and solder according to your spec. the technology It’s becoming very simple to work with, after all these advantages the only problem is going to be what are you going to print next.

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