Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

APRIL 2019

By black drako

This month meeting was great as usual, we were missing some regular members, but we also got a bunch of new people joining the group. The meeting started a little slow but pretty soon it got very busy with the usual people and the new ones.

Reminder for defcon. With only a few month away, again a good recommendation for those that haven’t been there yet. It’s a great experience for anybody in the technological world. Also remember that we have another events coming as maker fair, layer one.

This last meet up fire up with really good topics and Howard’s surprise presentation that was very informative, you can go to the IVU YTchannel (irvine underground) and check it out,(or name of the video: IVU TALK APRIL 2019).

AI news were talked about, since this technology is been evolving really quick. This technology is been use to automate machinery, software task, personal assistant and so for. This is a great opportunity for anybody with computer science mayors, engineers or anybody that wants to get involve in it.

Jobs in cyber security were discuss also at the meeting, There will always be opportunities at this sector, its a rapidly growing industry that is in great demand of software engineers, so good skills, and knowledge can land you in a good career in the long run.

We talked about planning in participating in the group, we invite every one to participate with a presentation of your favorite topic as: about your job,mayor or anything, share the knowledge with the group giving us a taste of what you know, since we know every one it’s expert at something you like. Or bring some one from a company to give a talk. We also encourage people to bring your projects, hardware or software and tell us about it. You can also bring in a piece of new tech of software that you discover and share it with us.

There also was a conversation and how to give a presentation, and we decide that the best way to give a presentation is just giving your first presentation after that is much easier and you get better, so presenting any topic and sharing it will always help to be a better presentator.

It was amazing how many ideas pop up in this discussion. Every one had fun,learned and share points of view. So keep coming to the meet up and invite your friends. It’s a great place to express your ideas and points of views with like minded people.

Don’t miss the next meeting.

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