Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.06.14 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2004 – April Minutes

Irvine Underground’s April meeting went down without any issues, bringing over 40 people to the meeting. We situated ourselves and got started at 8pm with introductions and plans for the evening.

Surprise for everyone is that Korben was present at the meeting, he was away for a while and got to come back for a short period of time and a few days after the meeting had to head out for a while. 😀

The group talked about the different projects going on including the programmers team accomplishment of creating of automated images for the minutes pages. If you.re a programmer looking to work with a group of other programmers with great ideas our developer’s team is for you. To get hooked up with the rest of the developers on our forums send a private message to Freaky.

Speeches for the evening included not5150 talking about hardware keystroke loggers and Jack talking about buffer overflows. Not5150 used the key katcher as an example of a hardware keystroke logger and also talked about the keyghost with full group interaction asking questions. Freaky floated around blackwave’s paper on the keykatcher which was also published in Blacklisted!411 magazine.

Jack gave a great in-depth presentation on buffer overflows exampling how they work and explaining what a buffer overflow is. He talked to the group from different levels of experience and explained how you could prevent against buffer overflows.

L0sts0ul handed out whitepapers on T1s which he planned on presenting on however time was limited, l0sts0ul has also planned on presenting on Echelon, Fluent and Oasis. If you haven’t done so yet, head over to speechplanner.com to vote on which presentation you would like to see as well as submitting idea talks.

LayerOne is right ahead of us, IVU will be present this year as our June meeting will take place during the convention on Saturday. You can preregister at the next IVU meeting for a discounted rate and also online. If you need to share rooms as there should be a few parties happening and avoid LA traffic head over to the LayerOne IVU thread on our forum and start communicating. We’ve begun DEFCON planning for this year and what IVU will participate in this year. If you haven’t done so already head over to our IVU thread and feel free to ask questions and get the ball rolling planning for your trip.

We’ve reached one of our goal points for our raffle funds to purchase a projector. We’re in search for a good projector for a great price. For the past years DaMan has brought his projector for the group to use followed most recently by Kallahar bringing his projector. The reason we’re purchasing our own is because the projectors brought inconviences to the people bringing them.

April’s raffle was full of great giveaways from books, to brand new print servers donated by daman to a keykatcher donated by Freaky.

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