Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.08.09 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2004 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground May gathering happened May 14th, 8PM upstairs at IHOP. The evening started with introductions for the evening and what was on the agenda. With LayerOne on the rise happening June 12th-13th in Los Angeles everyone was getting hyped. The Irvine Underground June meeting will be held on Saturday June 12th at the conference, as IVU will have a vendor booth setup as a centralized meeting location.

The robot team was active discussing plans for the IVU robot for Defcon 12 getting those interested in robots to become involved. Their progression of the robot and discussion can be found on the ivu forums. Those interested in helping, it’s not too late!

Our first presentation of the evening was Not5150, he had the opportunity to go back warflying taking along a few of the media. He presented the video taken, explaining what happened, how many access points where found and their conferencing between airplanes.

Food was delivered and a short break was taken and then Joe went up to present on VoIP (voice over IP). Joe took the time to present on VoIP, the same topic he will be presenting at LayerOne. Those who were not able to make the IVU meeting can catch his talk at LayerOne. He came prepared with slides and much information explaining VoIP.

After the presentations everyone continued to talk on various topics and had a good time, we went well past midnight and into the early morning. Topics ranged from group projects, convention planning, UNIX distros and security with a lot of talk on caller ID spoofing.

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