Next Irvine Underground Meeting
09.MAR.2018 at IHOP

2004 – June Minutes

LayerOne conference was held June 12th and 13th in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Airport Westin where Irvine Underground was present. IVU had a vendor table doubling as a centralized meeting location. The June meeting was merged with LayerOne, for two days for only 40 dollars you got to enjoy, and learn from a plethora of speakers discussing a wide range of topics from IT, security to crypto. (more…)

2004 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground May gathering happened May 14th, 8PM upstairs at IHOP. The evening started with introductions for the evening and what was on the agenda. With LayerOne on the rise happening June 12th-13th in Los Angeles everyone was getting hyped. (more…)

2004 – April Minutes

Irvine Underground’s April meeting went down without any issues, bringing over 40 people to the meeting. We situated ourselves and got started at 8pm with introductions and plans for the evening. (more…)

2004 – March Minutes

Irvine Underground.s meeting for March turned out another full crowd. Over the past few meetings we have been listening to your feedback on what you.re looking for in IVU and different ways to try the meeting. Last month it was requested that there be more personal talk time between the people, and table layout. (more…)

2004 – February Minutes

February Irvine Underground gathering started at 8PM on Friday the 20th upstairs in IHOP with all the chairs filled. This was another great meeting and turnout with a good lineup for speeches and talks. The evening started with introduction and lineup for the evening by Freaky and went straight into a follow talk (more…)

2003 – December Minutes

December’s meeting was moved to 9pm for this time only due to IHOP over booking the room we were to be in with someone else. Future meetings will be at 8PM at IHOP. People kept coming in all night long making this meeting the largest one ever. (more…)

2003 – November Minutes

Irvine Underground November meeting was held on the 21st at iHOP for the second consecutive month. Everybody started gathering upstairs and got settled for the meeting to start at 8pm. With many new faces in the crowd everyone went around and made introductions. Freaky made his introduction and discussed the groups’ local happening and agenda for the evening. (more…)

2003 – October Minutes

The house was full at the International House of Pancake (aka IHOP) when Irvine Underground took over the place as their new meeting location. The group met upstairs at 8:00pm, the change this time around was that everyone ordered their own food. Everyone was told to come hungry as the groups agreement with IHOP states they must eat at least 150.00 worth of food or pay the difference. (more…)

2003 – July Minutes

Irvine Underground’s July meeting was a great success jam packed with more talk and education. The July meeting was our last meeting at Zanzibar Coffee & Tea as it is changing its venue from coffee to Vietnamese dining. Future meeting location will be posted on the site here shortly, our August meeting will be held at DEF CON Saturday evening since the vast majority of people will be attending the hacker conference. (more…)

2003 – June Minutes

Irvine Underground’s June meeting marked the one year anniversary of the meets, gathering a total of 29 peoples attendance compared to the first four people a year ago. We gathered at Zanzibar Coffee & Tea and the meeting started at 8PM, with many new faces and backgrounds of those people topics were well spoken on, each person inputting comments, ideas, and experiences with whatever topic were at hand. (more…)

2003 – May Minutes

Irvine Underground meeting for May 16th 2003 was another great turnout and lasted until the early morning. People started gathering around 7.30 in the evening, the majority of the meeting was held outdoors by the BBQ while food flowed all night long. (more…)

2003 – April Minutes

April’s Irvine Underground meeting went very smoothly as it was another success and a great turn out in attendance. The run down went as planned, we gathered at Zanzibar Coffee house around 7:30, and talked outside while the inside was being setup for our meeting. 8 o’clock came and everyone started moving inside getting comfortable and talking to each other and introducing the new people to everyone else. (more…)

2003 – March Minutes

Progressing into the year the March Irvine Underground meeting showed to be yet another success. Since the group was established we’ve been implementing all of our goals over time, the key addition shown at March’s meeting was the group project and presentation last month. (more…)

2003 – February Minutes

Irvine Underground’s February meeting was held at our new location Zanzibar, a small coffee shop that was closed to the public specifically for our meeting. We will continue to occupy this Irvine coffee shop for our meetings and are also working on an Internet solution for the location. (more…)

2003 – January Minutes

January 2003, this meeting started the year off in the right direction with many new faces and returning faces. This was the most energetic group of people all sharing ideas and discussion both the planned conversation and creation new topics. Next month’s meeting is at a NEW LOCATION. (more…)

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