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2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

Alf Watt – iStumbler

Alf Watt, creator of iStumbler gave a video conference presentation to Irvine Underground on September 9th 2005. This was our first video conference and the meeting went over well. Mr. Watt discussed his application and the future development of the project.

He took questions and answered them in details. The video of this presentation is not available. All future talks will be recorded accordingly and posted to the media archive page.

Phil Zimmerman Interview

45 minute interview with Phil Zimmerman, the creator of the popular PGP encryption program. Phil is working on a new product called zFone which aims to be an encrypted VOIP software phone.

The zFone will work in a similar way to the way that SSH works. On your first connection to someone you will choose to trust their host key or not. Once you’ve trusted it, you can trust all further communication with them just as SSH works. Additionally, in the future you can double check what the correct key is and retroactively know that your previous conversations were not man-in-the-middle’d. The encryption is planned to be at the data layer of the VOIP packets, which means that who you’re calling will not be hidden, just the contents of the conversation.

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