Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.08.09 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2004 – October Minutes

This months Irvine Underground meeting was held on October 15th in our cozy upstairs secret location of iHop. Starting at 8pm we began with introductions due to the large amount of new faces and went into news for the group and the evenings plans.

The announcement of the evenings plans were made a week prior advising everyone to bring their computers as we were going to have a network in place with a fresh install of a operating system to gain access to. Equipped with network cables and wireless people sat on the network all evening to gain access. This event is bound to take place again as it allows people to play with the network and learn from each others computer knowledge in security and hacking.

Wiggys long awaited presentation took place also, the topic took high interest from everybody Free to Air receivers. These Satellite television receivers can be used to receive signals for a really low price. Wiggy talked about everything one would need to get FTA working including all the website addresses and information which also included question and answer.

The lock pick board was on display allowing everyone a chance to spin the tumblers on the industries most popular brands and models. Although all the locks on the board are composed of new locks were always accepting additional locks that you do not have the keys for or just want to contribute.

Photographs contributed this month by ASTcell. Were back with pictures. The raffle was loaded with prizes including IVU t-Shirts, Lock Pick books, Lock Picks, and caffeine candy.

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