Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2004 – December Minutes

December’s Irvine Underground gathering gave people a chance to get together and connect with people of like kinds during the hectic month. With over 30 people attending this made for the most active December meeting ever. Many new faces attended that would also show up to meetings in the future (I know this because I wrote the January minutes before I wrote Decembers… go figure)

Irvine Underground’s future meeting has been moved to a new location in Irvine allowing people to communicate and try something different than pancakes. For the location go to the location page, it is now at a cafe called Kate Kennedys. The move was called for when people got burned out on iHop even one time a month and the fact we needed a place that also catered to those who like to get fresh air.

Pyro, Cyber and Wiggy will be attending Shmoo Con in Washington, DC. Those who want to attend should talk to them to figure out flight information. Upon their return they will present a little something at February’s meeting. This conference has a money back guarantee so we will see if they try to get reimbursed or it was worth every penny.

Kallahar is one of the people planning the next Defcon’s robot contest, so with inside information he shared some of the official rules that the IVU robot team would have to follow. With Kallahar assisting with running the robot contest he is restricted from building the IVU robot this con.

Lei went over the status of the hackbox then proceeded with the Qube installation which captivated the crowds attention.

The lock picking board was present at this meeting where people could freely learn and test out the security of the locks on the board.

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