Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2002 – September Minutes

September meeting of IrvineUnderground was another great meeting. We met up @ the Irvine Spectrum Food Court, and talked about many hacking/security issues. We went over the Worldwide WarDrive Event that happened a few days before hand, Orange County Worldwide WarDrive event was also a success. Information and photos can be found here. Within the WWWD OC link is the dates for the next scheduled wardriving event which we will be sure to be attending as it is coordinated by Irvine Underground’s blackwave.

The talk continued as we went over wireless security issues and legalities of connecting to wireless networks. The night continued as we moved from the food court to maki-maki restaurant where they have really good japanese food and the groups favorite entertaining waiter. Nulltone advised us on security issues with web-applications of what to do and not to do to protect yourself from being hacked, and a few pictures of the group were taken but did not come out. Next month meeting we will have photo’s online and more detailed minutes.

Everyone is invited to attend the Irvine Underground meetings, check the top of the page for the next meeting event. If you have questions or comments please direct them to the group at the next meeting.

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