Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.05.10 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2002 – August Minutes

The IrvineUnderground meeting for August happened on the Friday of the 16th, normal meeting was postponed because it happened to fall on the largest hacker convention so everyone packed their bags for that weekend and headed out to Las Vegas for Defcon X.

Everyone arrived promptly at 8pm and proceeded to discuss happening and events of Defcon. Later in the evening the groups first presentation went underway when we met at GameWorks. Blackwave demonstrated the KeyKatcher hardware-based keystroke logger. His documentation is available in the members area for review, and addition. The device connects to any PS/2 keyboard and will record all keyboard activity, also found was undocumented features with the device which are being further researched. At the next meeting he will present us with a more advanced overview, including information on the process used to store the data and any hack findings.

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