Next Irvine Underground Meeting
09.JUN.2023 at Gulliver's


Hello potential guests, visitors and members. Our Irvine Underground meeting are held on the Second Friday of the month. We do occasionally have additional gatherings or events which can be seen on our forum or occasionally posted to this page. From this point forward out meeting location is posted below. We have had a .official. meetings at this new location in the past and home and are now headed back. Please join us for cheaper food and an entire floor to ourselves. Gullivers near John Wayne Airport (SNA). Previously some of our most exciting moments have been held here. The birth of the IVU Robot, Rocket Team, Meetings of a few brilliant people to 70+, some distance visitors who liked the near airport location, and some killer customer service were a draw. Please mark your calendars and this page for updates so and we can all stay on the same page. During Pandemic we met virtually and now back in 2022/3 we have moved from our old location across the street to the new location listed below. 

Irvine Underground Meeting
Gulliver’s Restaurant
18482 MacArthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612

Friday Hours
11:30 AM–3 PM AND 5–9:30 PM

Alternate, when we opt to mix things up... 
You may occasionally fund us  across 
the parking lot at El Torito

Prior official meeting locations have included: 
iHop @ Irvine, CA – Space Closed
Defcon @ Las Vegas, NV – Intermittent
Extreme Pizza @ Irvine, CA – Changed Owners
Kims Deli @ Irvine, CA – Gone
Zanzibar @ Irvine, CA – Gone
Irvine Spectrum @ Irvine, CA – Expensive/Busy
Diedrich Coffee @ Irvine, CA – Gone
Barnes and Noble @ Irvine, CA – Outgrown


Additional meeting information, or other planned events and schedule look at the orange text at the top of the page. Join the mailing list to get advanced noticed.

Sidenote for those who made it this far down the page: 
if you are in the know... check El Torrito and Gulliver's to for the odd looking technical folks that might call themselves IVU. Sometimes they like to grab a beverage not served at iHop and just plain get stuck there having a good chat
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