Next Irvine Underground Meeting
09.MAR.2018 at IHOP

2018 – February Minutes

Salutations IVU.

This months meet up was a good social gathering. There more new faces in the crowd and more first timers. The UCI numbers continue to increase. There was a small pre meet up at El Torito prior. There were no speakers for this months gathering, but there were plenty of discussions around the table. AST Cell talked a bit about DEFCON Beijing and his future attendance. Yaxis described is fear of going back to China.

As the conversation started to turn AST Cell began to scare the young ones opening the forum to discussions of goatse and Pool 2 girl. We shared photos and a little bit of history. We talked about the possibility of a Pool 2 Girl badge for DEFCON briefly. More historical photos can be found at Hackerphotos.com. Pictures have been collected and curated since Defcon 8.

Blackdrako shared some of his projects including the IVU Badge Pi and opened discussions about a hacker space for the group.

The next meet up is March 9th. Hope to see you there!


2018 – January Minutes

Happy new year IVU!

The holidays are over and the new year is here so welcome 2018!

It was a chilly night with the pre-meeting of cigars and drinks around the fire at Gulliver’s and then more drinks and food at El Torito where it was quite packed so we got the VIP balcony seats, oh yeah. 😉

A short talk was given by our own Jorge Dominguez, a.k.a. Blackdrako, on his current project of integrating a Raspberry Pi and Google AIY Voice based system inside of a bound book case. Many laughs were had at Google expense trying to force it to speak different languages and making “Ricky” its wife.

Ending the talk a Google AIY Voice kit was raffled off and after a tedious amount of waiting, or at least that is what the losers felt, Kelvin Brandon had the winning number and took the prize he was already holding.
The rest of the night was filled with discussions and trying to not crash the drone Jorge also brought too much.

The year has just started here and if you weren’t able to make it this month please just us next month on February 9th!


2017 – December Minutes

Bienvenido IVU!

With Thanksgiving behind us and a handful of major holidays coming up it’s time for relaxation and cheer to be spread around and have our last meeting of the year.

Pre-meeting meetup was filled with talks of the impending doom of net neutrality repeal and our dismay of no mini hamburgers at 6:30 as promised!

But drinks were imbibed, other food ordered, and our chats civilized as always.

One of our newest attendees, Calvin Slater, took the spotlight this month to show off how he and his company setup and help companies control their HAVC, alarm, and other IoT/microcontroller enabled systems. He included some micro-controllers to display and showed how a basic system would be setup and have hundreds to thousands of sensors within ducting and rooms to control and monitor the environment(s). Calvin also brought up the possible future of these systems to include Raspberry Pi like SOCs, Arduino controllers, and software like Node-RED to program these new systems in the future.

Everyone please have a great rest of your holidays and a happy new year and we hope to see you on January 12th!

2017 – November Minutes

Gi nathlam hí IVU!

The holiday are upon us and with it comes early darkness, cool nights, and relaxed attitudes enjoying the festivities.

Pre-meeting was at Gulliver’s with lots of new faces for cigars, drinks, food, and even a car chase.

Howard once again was the focus of the meeting but not he was not solo this time as he brought some of his Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) team to introduce themselves and the whole meeting was filled with answering questions and giving insights to the team as they were competing in their first competition soon.

Also IVU doesn’t just only meet on the second Friday of the month. We also plan nice outings which include going to a firing range to shoot some pistols like we did on the 3rd at Firing-Line Indoor Shooting in Huntington Beach (http://www.firingline.net).

The pistols ranged from .22 revolvers up to .45 semi-autos with everyone enjoying a little time with all of them.

We even had a friendly little competition at the end with each person having only 6 rounds and a small target pushed all the way down the range (~100 feet) and of course beginners luck kicked in and Howard won the match with 33 points!


Till next time, December 8th, and we hope to see everyone there!




2017 – October Minutes

Salutations IVU!

It was an unusually warm and moist Friday the 13th meetup this month. We had a more intimate showing for the pre-meet for cigars and cocktails (and wine) at Gulliver’s. The pre-meet decided to do a throwback for the last hour of pre-meet and head over to El Torito for a few margaritas. Social lubrication intensified further before kicking things off for the official October 2017 IVU meetup.

This month’s meetup saw many new faces! Our group continues to grow bit by bit with new folks as well as some that haven’t been around in a while. We had two very engaging talks by IVUers. First, yaxis lead a talk on the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) and how the first ever team is shaping up at UCI. The process revolved around gathering interest, vetting said interested parties, and building up the skills needed to compete. The video can be found at our new YouTube channel here. You can find out more about CCDC here.

DaMan treated us with the second talk of the night. The talk featured DaMans prototype F.R.E.D. Actuating Arm (Firgelli FA-400-L-12-15) using an Arduino (MEGA 2560 rev3), lasers (Adafruit VL53L0X ), and other off-the-shelf parts he’s put together a robotics system to power the opening and closing of secret doors or anything else you want to push and pull. DaMan also explained his plans to add on private Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to control the unit remotely.

Update: DaMan has provided a video of the secret door in action!

We also saw the power of the Voltron Sloth increase this month as Red Sloth joined the meet. Sloth and Blue Sloth were pleased.


The next meet-up is November Friday November 10th. Come and join us!

2017 – September Minutes

Hello IVU!

Our September meetup was swell. We had a great turn out for the pre-meet at Gulliver’s for cigars and cocktails. Plenty of good conversation and good times were had by most.

Our very own Jonathan Wash discussed Password Managers and how to learn to love randomization in passwords. The conversation covered managers such as LastPass, 1Password, Passpack, KeyPass, and Keychain. See the slides for more information: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/NXQi76ytFD61dt

As you may have heard there was a voting machine hacking village at DEFCON this year. We’ve obtained a few voting machinesand we will be presenting on them over the next few meetups. Keep an eye on our schedule to find out more information about it.

We also had another game maker, Joseph Roche, drop by and talk about his game Savage Fighter.

Our October meet up is Friday the 13th. Pre-meet as per usual. See you there!



2017 – August Minutes

Hello IVU!

Another great showing for our pre-meet up as well as the actual meet up! The group seems to be getting larger and larger every time. This month’s meetup covered a few topics: Epic Role, Tamper Evident, and Badge Life.

Our special guest Pappy stopped by to show off his board game Epic Role. Epic Roll is a quick-playing, dice-based, fantasy board game that is portable and simple to learn while also providing players with numerous strategic decisions and gambles.

Pappy described his thoughts behind the game and how the primary goal behind Epic Role was to merge ideas and thoughts of other games to make something that was quicker and easier to play.

The conversation quickly turned to logistics behind game making. The discussion of marketing, manufacturing became quite interesting as we learned of some of the difficulties behind making and shipping the product as well as how shelf space works for the retailer. Some deals could garner you space with the front of the box showing, where other deals may only allow the spine to be visible from the store shelf.

Because of this fantastic artwork was crucial. Having box artwork that looked enticing from the spines as well as the cover was greatly needed. Also with this great artwork was needed for the cards! Pappy also mentioned that finding good artists is valuable. Artists can be like magicians and disappear if you’re not careful!

After Pappy finished his talk we had smaller discussions at the other end of the table around the Tamper Evident village and Badge Life at DC5. Sloth, Yaxis, and Tuesday brought in some of the leftovers from Tamper Evident and spoke briefly with those curious about the Tamper Evident Village. They also brought in some of the new and shiny badges from DC25 to talk about the latest trend of Badge Life. This included the Bender badge and talks about the interconnectivity of the badges at the conference.

At our September meet up, we will be hearing from our very own JonathanWash. JonathaWash will provide an overview of password managers, what’s out there, and some best practices of use. It looks like it will be a fun discussion.

Next IVU meet up is September 8th 2017. Hope to see you there!



2017 – July Minutes

Hello IVU!

Another great turn out this month even with DEFCON 25 just around the corner.

Our very own trash1e presenting his whiteboard talk on the importance of keeping and sharing threat intelligence:

  • With automating threat intelligence, it can make security all the more manageable, workable, and centralized.
  • Why keeping threat intelligence is important for an organization to maintain their systems security integrity well tuned
  • By sharing intelligence cross trusted organizations can help improve everyone’s network security
  • And the importance of keeping a web of trust between organizations


Other group discussions included on the pros and cons of setting up a non-profit for possible future growth of our beloved org and some pre DEFCON 25 planning

We hope the people going to DEFCON this year have a safe and fun trip and that everyone can join us again next month, August 11th, at 8PM upstairs at IHOP.


2017 – June Minutes

Hello IVU!

What a great meet-up!

This was a huge turnout and everyone was getting involved with our soldering activity from beginners to experts. No burns (that I heard of at least…) so all is good! After arriving we had soldering stations set up and had groups of three or so getting together to work on the Jack badge. According to one local witness it even looked like a hacker space!

Thanks to all the experienced folks for sticking it out and helping the noobs with fix errors and helping with the eyes. Thanks to all that stuck around until the very end to make sure everyone got their badge completed and helped with the clean up!

Lots of learning and lots of teaching. Docendo Discimus!

See you next meet-up to continue the conversations, discuss security automation, and talk about DEFCON coming up in a few weeks.

DEFCON 25 is soon! July 27 – 30. It’s at Caesar’s Palace this year.




Smells Like Chicken!

Wait no… you’re holding it wrong.

This months IVU meetup (June 2017) we will be spending time soldering the DEFCON Jack! Currently being sold on the DEFCON Communications store (here). Pick up yours before the meeting if you can.

We will have a few soldering kits available and a few extra DEFCON Jack kits for a few lucky folks. Come join us and help the noobs hold the soldering iron right or come learn how to hold the soldering iron right by listening to the not so nooby people!

Here’s a sample of the before and after from Israel.

All skill levels welcome.

If you have any questions come find us and ask!

2017 – May Minutes

Make IVU great again!

It’s been awhile since we followed up with our meetings and had presentations. Well, we’re going to try our best to get things going for IVU, thus we want to MIGA – Make IVU Great Again! We are working on getting more presenters of all levels and getting more workshops going at our meetups.

We had a small group for a pre-IVU meet up at Gulliver’s for some cigars, scotch, whiskey, and beer at Gulliver’s. Fun and relaxation were had by all who attended.

The IVU meet up was busier than has been in a while with around 20 people or so. Maybe it’s a May thing; maybe it’s amazing. Penguino came and had a great presentation on Bitcoin. The presentation covered the general overview of bitcoin transactions, different bitcoin wallet providers, and even generated a side discussion of bitcoin and economics.

The lock pick board was brought out, but mysteriously floated away for another presentation elsewhere. We also discussed next month’s meet up in which we will take a stab at soldering a DEFCON Jack (available on Ebay at the DEFCON Store).

Upcoming Conferences
Layer One May 26 – 28.
DEFCON 25 is coming up soon July 27 – 30. It’s at Caesar’s Palace this year. Book your rooms soon!

LayerOne 2016

LayerOne is a computer security conference located in Los Angeles, California. Since 2004, we’ve featured speakers from all across the globe and on topics ranging from lockpicking and MPLS security to covert data gathering and HIPAA compliance. Our speakers come from a diverse background and include a focus not just on the nuts and bolts of technology but the social impact as well.

One of the defining features of LayerOne is the overwhelming amount of hands-on workshops, events, and contests available to all attendees. From electronics to lock picking to no-holds-barred hacking competitions, LayerOne has something for everyone to learn more and enjoy themselves throughout the conference.

LayerOne 2016 will be held on May 28-29, 2016. For more information, visit http://www.layerone.org. Online pre-registration ends May 25th, and discounted hotel room rates end May 6th – book now and save!

LayerOne Conference – Memorial Day Weekend

LayerOne is security conference focused on hacking and security. This years conference will be held Saturday and Sunday of Memorial day weekend in Monrovia. Amongst the talks there are also a few featured events worth mentioning including the Lock pick village, hardware hacking village, HAM testing (Get your HAM license), tamper-evident contest and the infamous capture the flag event.

Many of the Irvine Underground folks will be present at LayerOne. Come support this local conference memorial day weekend! More information at LayerOne.org

ToorCon San Diego – 12

ToorCon will be held October 22nd – 24th 2010 at the San Diego Convention Center in downtown San Diego, Ca. This is just a small hop away from OC, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Los Angeles County and is well worth the trip for a hacker/security con! Join Irvine Underground during the weekend, we will be present at the conference and have an information booth setup within. We’re looking for volunteers to help man the booth during the event and talk, if you’re interested in assisting please contact us.  Pre-register for savings and book a hotel room nearby, for more information visit http://www.toorcon.org/

Defcon 17

Irvine Underground will be present at DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas, NV. July 31- Aug 2, 2009 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. For rides, hotel sharing, venue, schedule and speaker information visit defcon.org.

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