Next Irvine Underground Meeting
14.APR.2023 at IHOP


IrvineUnderground.org is a group of people located in and around Irvine, California and the major Orange County area. June 2002 marked the group’s first meeting which only five attendees showed up for; since the launch date the word has spread bringing in a much larger crowd.

Orange County has had many gatherings for 2600 such as oc2600. This doesn’t replace the group it is its own entity with members from all walks of the wood from 2600, BlackListed!411, Iron Feather Journal and phone Phreaking groups. In short it’s a monthly hackers’ gathering with the occasional unplanned additional get together, parties, and trips.

Irvine Underground .org is based off the same meeting plan as NevadaUnderground.org was started in early 1997 in Las Vegas. The formula is simple; less elitism, more discussion, group effort, and knowledge shared throughout the group.  Anyone is invited to the meetings, click here for location information and visit the minutes for prior meeting follow-ups and photos.

Irvine Underground itself is still a new and growing group. However, the founder of NevadaUnderground.org has made this group possible in spreading into different areas of the country. Our goal as a group is to unite people together and to teach as well as learn from one another.

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