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2004 – February Minutes

February Irvine Underground gathering started at 8PM on Friday the 20th upstairs in IHOP with all the chairs filled. This was another great meeting and turnout with a good lineup for speeches and talks. The evening started with introduction and lineup for the evening by Freaky and went straight into a follow talk of last month’s discussion by Nulltone and boogah on LayerOne conference in Los Angeles complete with slides.

Nulltone volunteered himself as a project planner to work alongside of Kallahar to bring the group more hands on projects. Kallahar and Nulltone can both be contacted if you have ideas for group projects on the IVU forums. The project planning team and speech planners are two different parts of IVU; the project coordinators do hands on project planning and the speech planners line up talks for the monthly meetings. Those interested in giving a talk at IVU should contact one of the speech planners at one of the meetings or on the forums.

Food was ordered and preceded to talk to each other while the next presentation was setup. h1kari.s presentation was on smart cards, below is his outline:

– Smart Cards (ISO7816)
– Types of Smart Cards
— Synchronous / Memory Cards
— Asynchronous / Processor Cards
– Where are they used?
– Past problems?
– European Telecom cards
Parking Meters
– Overview of a Parking Meter
– How to deposit/refund money
– Analysis of Smart Card Protocol
— Read
— Deduct
— Deposit
– How can we use this to our advantage?
— Deposit credits to card
— Emulate card on a Goldwafer, PIC or PC
– Hardware
— Tapper/Logger
— Synchronous
— Asynchronous
— Reader/Emulator
— Synchronous
— Asynchronous
– Any other cool Smart Cards that need to be hacked?

Following h1kari was twiggle.s talk on snort with his slides available here – https://www.irvineunderground.org/zonefour/twigles-snort-feb04.pdf The night ended around midnight after all the talks, we went outdoors and socialized for hours to come to keep the talk alive. If you know of any places in Irvine suitable for meeting locations talk to Freaky at the next meeting.

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