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2024.08.09 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2003 – October Minutes

The house was full at the International House of Pancake (aka IHOP) when Irvine Underground took over the place as their new meeting location. The group met upstairs at 8:00pm, the change this time around was that everyone ordered their own food. Everyone was told to come hungry as the groups agreement with IHOP states they must eat at least 150.00 worth of food or pay the difference.Everyone ordered food as the rest of the group arrived totaling 31 people this was the largest gathering ever, needless to say with the food ordered by everyone there was well over the amount spent met.

While orders were being taken Freaky made his monthly announcements to the group advising on the new structure and the specifics on the meeting location as well as recent happenings and conferences set to happen that ever member of the group could benefit from. This was also the first month a raffle was held, each person could purchase raffle tickets that would win them a pair of tickets to Matrix Revolutions and their place held in line for the groups showing. The winning ticket holder was petr0l. Next month there will be another raffle; the prizes will be announced on the forum.

Miss Turtle and Kelvin announced the plans for the movie informing everyone about the event and took down people’s names that would be attending. We’ve pre-purchased tickets, check this thread to see if your name is listed if you would like to attend simply log into the forum and add your name to the list. Payment will be collected at the event November 5th, be sure to be there early to ensure you find the group and hang out before the showing that starts at 7:40pm.

This was Miss Turtle’s last meeting also as she is leaving town and will only be able to keep in touch over the Internet. She will be seen at the Matrix event and will be sure to make it out to the cons. Miss Turtle is one of the four founding members of Irvine Underground and also held the social director position with Kelvin. She has been a strong backbone to the group in ensuring everything gets in order both with events and the meeting itself. Miss Turtle will be well missed and always welcomed back, she is one of the core members of the group and is well loved..

Blackwave discussed the plans for the software development team inviting those with coding skills to get involved in the groups creations. He also presented korben with a highly sought after Worldwide Wardrive commemorative coin for his contribution to the wardriving wi-fi community of the software MacStumbler.

Three discussions were set for the evening starting out with jrl presenting on OSSTMM and going over scanrand taking questions and comments afterwards. His slides are available here.

Daman brought his computer equipped with the hard drive switch allowing the user to switch between hard drives sporting different operating systems. His talk was complete with slides detailing the switch and the process he went through setting it up. His slides are available here in PDF format.

Up next bartender presented his speech titled ‘Bridging Disciplines through understanding Networks’ that was an introduction to complexity. Learn how small changes can have large effects on complex systems. UCI Course Guide at http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/drwhite/Anthro179a/SocialDynamics03.html

After the food was finished and breaks were taken Kallahar brought in a surprise for everyone to take a look at. Kallahar mounts cameras to his car while he goes canyon driving and records his trip, the equipment consisted of a VCR, LCD display, three cameras and a video switch that allowed for his to change the camera views. He digitized his last trip and played it for everyone to see. The digitized media can be viewed by clicking here.

The group went till after 12am and people started to disperse while part of the group continued with the coffee and kept talking for some time. This iHOP will be the permanent meeting location for IVU, we’re working on obtaining Wi-Fi access.

Founders: Freaky, Miss Turtle, Lei, Bartender
Social Directors: Miss Turtle, KeLvin
Head of Programming: blackwave
Location Management: Bartender
Discussion Coordinator: Tactitus, DaMan, Kallahar

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