Next Irvine Underground Meeting
2024.07.12 at Gulliver's, 7pm

2003 – January Minutes

January 2003, this meeting started the year off in the right direction with many new faces and returning faces. This was the most energetic group of people all sharing ideas and discussion both the planned conversation and creation new topics. Next month’s meeting is at a NEW LOCATION.

A few of us, Freaky, MT, Bartender, Astcell & Blackwave met up a little early to have a drink where lei, KeLviN and petr0l met up with us a little later. Around 7.30 we headed to the food court to sit down at the tables outside the food court so everyone coming to IVU will see us and not have the idea we’re not there. Lei brought Krispy Kreme donuts for the group to enjoy which he later transformed into a case to hold a functioning sparc system. The photos can be found on modware.

We had a total of 14 people attend this time. We talked about the issues at hand which were introductions, flyers, location, defcon and who was going – the ivu gathering – hacker jeopardy – the drive and the past events which took place there, blackhat briefings, kevin mitnick’s online restrictions being lifted and what it entailed. We also discussed Korben’s MacStumbler, korben couldn’t make it this meeting though. Apparently his program was shown on TV during MWSF both by the attendees and in presentation. We’re working on obtaining the digital of the clip. KeLviN brought one of the smallest digital camera/mp3 player/movie recording devices we’ve seen which is about the size of astcell’s battery for his camera.

Bout ten after nine Maki-Maki called making sure we were still doing our reservations which were set for 9 then proceeded there and continued discussion. We voted on conceptual flyer ideas, basically the back of the card will have brief information and the URL, because we don’t have set dates we can’t put that on the back so we will drive peoples attention to the website. These flyers will be present at the next gathering, mockups are already done and in the works of printing. Dinner had many conversations active including pirate radio stations, the mention of pbx’s, cellular phone hacking, and much more. We were in the midst of all this food. During dinner a e-mail was passed around which was someone’s e-mail to us about a hacker movie 😉 as a group we will write the reply back answering his 8 pages of questions. A mailing list was also compiled which will be added to the current list and made active.

We talked outside of Maki-Maki about security, laws, group stuff and just other bullshit until 12.45am where we all decided we’d go to sleep Lei got his case of bawls. Feb is only a few weeks ahead many of the group’s ideas will be implemented and put into play.

Next months meeting will be held at the new location as found displayed here! – click .The mailing list is accessable from the front page of the website so you can easily join and remove yourself from the list by accessing the mailing list page. This list will be used for announcements of meetings. A discussion board is also being put up and into place for discussion of events, projects, news and the group. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

January Attendees: Freaky, Miss Turtle, Bartender, Blackwave, Lei, Daman + Friend, astcell, KeLviN, petr0l, travis, lisa, jrl, rain

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